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    It was Luis Matsufuji, the eldest son of a Japanese family of eight, who had the idea of opening a Japanese restaurant in Lima, like the one they used to visit when they traveled to Tokyo every summer. That one was called Matsuei (leafy pine, in Spanish), and a young Itamae called Nobu Matsuhisa worked there, who was asked to set up a sushi bar in Peru.

    Matsuei opened its doors 47 years ago with its first two Itamaes Nobu Matsuhisa and Toshiro Konishi.

    Throughout history, Matsuei made great contributions to Japanese and Nikkei cuisine in Peru, such as acevichado maki and Matsuei maki. Back in Lima for our 30th anniversary, Nobu left us the Sashimi Salad, the Rock Shrimp and the Dulce de Leche Harumaki in our menu.

    Over the years, Matsuei became the main school for the Itamaes who today dominate the Japanese and Nikkei culinary scene in Lima and where modern and traditional cuisine continues to be reinvented.


    Traditional Japanese gastronomy is characterized by its elegant simplicity, its natural flavors and its commitment to fresh products, as they are called “Kisetsukan” this cuisine is known for its emphasis on the seasonality of food, the quality of its ingredients using different cooking methods and a delicate presentation by an experienced itamae.

    It is also considered one of the healthiest on the planet. Japan is one of the oldest countries in the world and its diet is undoubtedly an essential factor.

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    Tuesday to Saturday
    Tuesday to Saturday
    12:99h – 17:30h
    195 Atahualpa Street, Miraflores
    Lima, Perú

    Celular de Matsuei
    981 310 180